How You Can Become A Jet Pilot

Published: 31st March 2009
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There are many people who dream of becoming a professional pilot. It pays to learn the skill of flying a helicopter or a jet plane. It is something to be certified as a skilled pilot. You can take various tasks that require efficiency in flying an aircraft. Most will even dream of becoming a captain with a major airline and enjoy its benefits. Some are simply happy to be able to fly.

How to Be a Jet Plane Pilot

No one becomes a jet plane pilot overnight. It takes a considerable amount of effort and dedication to become a good jet plane pilot. You need to know the different steps you have to take on how to be a jet plane pilot and you can execute it to fulfill your dreams.

1. Training Program

Pilots must undergo a flight training program. There is a lot to learn about navigation before you can be a jet plane pilot. It's not as simple as just going left or right or up or down. Thus, you have to undergo the formal training. This should train you about the instruments used in flying and the controls in the cockpit. You must also learn the electronic communication needed for air traffic.

2. Commercial Pilot License

If you are able to get the proper training, then you can apply for a pilots license to certify that you possess the required skills to fly a jet plane. Of course, this license will also be helpful when you look for jobs.

You may also want to get an airline transport rating. This can further specify any advanced skills that you possess. For example, the rating will express that you can fly a particular aircraft type like the most modern jet plane.

3. Pilot Requirements

The FAA or Federal Aviation Administration also obligates pilots to establish their skills, knowledge and good health. This is to ensure that the pilot is satisfactory at performing flying tasks, especially for piloting a jet plane. Pilots are also required to undergo a physical examination. To become a jet plane pilot, you must pass the examination to be entitled to a Class I Medical Certificate. This provides for the highest standards in terms of the hearing, vision and equilibrium of the pilot.


Take action and aim your goals of flying a jet plane. Find the ways on how to be a jet plane pilot and make your dream a reality.

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