Different Type Of Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Published: 31st March 2009
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There are people who dream of flying a plane or chopper on their own. It is a feat to develop the skill of being able to fly a helicopter. Nothing compares to the experience. However, flying a helicopter is more than just a fascination. It can actually lead to brighter paths and career opportunities. There are helicopter pilot jobs that could be very interesting.

Many aspiring pilots dream of attaining the definitive job of becoming an airline captain. The salary of a captain with a major airline can reach as much as $200,000 for each year of service. The benefits can also be very desirable, like the travel passes that you can enjoy.

These wonderful aspects will definitely favor those who aim for flying an airplane. However, this doesn't leave the helicopter pilot at a loss. Helicopter pilot jobs can take on more diverse choices that will allow you to explore many things.

Helicopter Pilot Jobs

If you take the position of a commercial plane or helicopter pilot, you will have a number of flying tasks.

Carrying Passengers

Most flights taken by the helicopter pilot will be for a short duration only. This will involve the usual task of carrying passengers from one point to another. Most of the time, this kind of service will be asked for by companies who have offshore duties. Some individuals can hire the services of a helicopter pilot for their own private transportation.

Aerial Advertising or Photography

Helicopter pilots can also do aerial advertising. This is one of those instances when you see a big banner in the sky displayed by a helicopter. A helicopter pilot can do aerial advertising for a fee. Aerial photography is also a task. Being high up in the air can give a refreshing view of the beautiful scenery.


Helicopter pilots can also let willing individuals to enjoy sightseeing. Geological surveys can also be done through the aid of the pilot.

Emergency Situations

Helicopter pilots also play a big role during emergency situations. This is a job that contributes to the community significantly. The helicopter pilot can help as a highway patrol. They can also help responding to rescue victims of accident and deliver them to the nearest hospital.


There are a variety of jobs for the helicopter pilot that can make flying a very reliable skill. With these jobs enumerated above, you can't deny how useful a pilot can be in our community today.

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