Becoming A Pilot Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Published: 31st March 2009
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Flying a plane is probably one of the most exhilarating activities you can do but it requires a substantial amount of skill to perform. In addition, training to become pilot isn't cheap, as the flying schools normally charge large tuition fees to cover the use of their equipment. Readying yourself to become a pilot won't just require you to be mentally ready but also financially ready. However, for those who want to fly a plane but aren't interested in having a career with a commercial airline or in the Air Force can study to become a Recreational Pilot.

Flying enthusiasts can get a recreational pilot certificate. This avenue for wannabe pilots isn't as difficult compared to normal flying courses because it includes less training but the privileges are considerably lower compared to those offered by a private certificate. A recreational pilot certificate was conceptualized for those who want to pilot small single-engine aircrafts. The main edge of pursuing a recreational pilot certificate is that you eventually get to fly but the training is cheaper.

If you eventually decide to become a potential pilot, there are some things you need to know before getting swayed by the different pilot schools that are out to get your cash. Attending "ground schools" is a very useful pre-flight course. Such schools can be seen at a local college or airport and lessons are taught via the traditional classroom-style. However, attending ground schools isn't required by formal flying schools and the FAA. The FAA only requires potential pilot students to pass a written test and flight test in the future. For those that want to save money, it is best to skip ground schools and use the money to buy books about the basics of being a pilot. A person who is interested will easily learn from pilot books that are readily available.

Another good way to prepare for flight school and also save money is by taking the written test as early as possible. Verify with the different testing areas in your home state and check the schedules for the tests. Doing this will help you save money, as you want have to go through the hassle of studying and paying different fees during the middle of flight training. Keep in mind that the best prepared are those that immediately finish the small requirements in order to fully focus on the major course. Many potential recreational pilots prepare for the written tests and also save money when performing flight training. This is an ideal option on a number of levels.

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